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God graced us with a big world, so why not explore as much of it as possible? These are words that Annetta Catchings has lived by her entire young adult life. Catchings believes that every thing in her life has been leading up to this moment.

Always the small town girl from Moss Point, Mississippi with big dreams, she started her formal learning at Dillard University. After 4 years of learning and practicing her skill of journalism, she joined American Airlines as a Flight Attendant. In those 34 years she has perfected the art of problem solving while dealing with different personalities and cultural differences. Seeing all corners of the world and people from all walks of life has given the gift of transcending her own experience by connecting with others.

At 15, she accepted her first job at Winn Dixie and has worked every day since. Having attended an HBCU, she was taught the importance of giving back as you grow. It’s not enough to enrich your own life. You have a duty to bring someone up with you. Her giving back began in college where she volunteered to be a Junior Achievement instructor.

Annetta’s career has provided her with a wide breadth of life experiences. In conjunction with her 25 years as the former spouse of a Marine Corps Officer, Annetta has worked 30 years as a Flight Attendant for American Airlines, traveling the world and working with people of all backgrounds. Previously, she also served as a substitute teacher, tennis coach in Northern Virginia, and was a trained and certified hospice care provider.  

Catchings is now a Co-Director of a non-profit called Elite 10s and Education Foundation. Focused on teaching the fine skills of tennis, providing a quality environment for learning, and mentorship. Catchings' love for tennis is a result of what the sport teaches: Discipline, personal accountability, planning and the art of learning from one’s failures. Her non-profit is an important way that she plans to give back to her own community

Since 2004, she has lived in Northern Virginia and during that time forged strong connections with friends in Alexandria. She is now proud to call Alexandria home and is passionate about the issues affecting the city. Her overarching concern is that the residents of Alexandria all be given a fair, equal and equitable voice which guarantees that everyone has a seat at the table.

Alexandria is ready for change and fresh leadership. Catchings feels that she has the overall ability to represent what the City so desperately needs.

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